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Assisted Living

The Lodge’s mission is to provide high quality assistance to our residents while constantly seeking to enrich their physical, social and emotional well-being.

Our values stem from the simple, yet powerful approach that assisted living should be based on possibilities rather than limitations and the encouragement of the elderly to live fully and explore new interests, while staying connected to the life they know and love.

The Lodge at Manito’s Philosophy on Assisted Living

  • Residents should have the highest quality of assistance without ever feeling “institutionalized”.
  • Every Resident deserves a comfortable, happy, and secure home; a place where they can live worry free.
  • Quality care should be cost-effective and personalized for every individual.
  • Each resident’s choice of assistance and lifestyle should be respected.
  • Privacy is imperative and every resident’s personal and medical information will remain secure.
  • Assisted Living communities should be an integral part of the larger community.

As each of us grows older, our views on life change. We begin to see the things that really matter to us. We see the value of things like dignity and independence even more clearly than we did as teenagers. We begin to fear that these will be taken away from us with our fading health. At the Lodge we want to quiet those fears and provide our residents with the security of knowing that our goal is to be their advocate and assist them in the maintenance of these values. These values are ingrained throughout the organization and are felt by every resident who joins our community. Our team is focused on making each resident’s experience unique and fulfilling. Seniors feel at home in a warm, caring atmosphere and feel safe in comfortable, quality surroundings. Our facility is owned by the community and governed by a partnership between the Mason County Board of Health and Prairieland Council, a not-for-profit corporation and families are encouraged to communicate directly with the decision makers every day.

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