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Memory Care

Memory Care

Memory Care Philosophy

The philosophy of the program is to encourage engagement of memory impaired residents to reach their highest potential, optimal self-care and independence through guidance and direction of a multidisciplinary approach provided by well trained and competent staff members with a passion for providing the highest quality services to memory care residents.

Residents who are cognitively impaired are known to benefit from multidisciplinary team approaches. Opportunities for successful socialization, choice, personal care, self-direction and normalization are improved when staff techniques include multidisciplinary team involvement as well as establishment of loved ones roles. Dementia residents particularly flourish when routines are expected. Our memory care program philosophy is to tailor resident activities to be predictable yet meaningful and also increase resident participation, reduce behavioral disruptions and allow for resident positive interactions in turn enhancing resident self-worth and life satisfaction.

The memory care program will offer its residents a daily program designed around a general structured daily resident routine. It will identify the flow of the resident’s day and incorporate such elements as time for clinical care, activities, personal and social pursuits. Resident dynamics and interests at the time will influence the content of the program. This will include reasonable flexibility to account for resident stages and temporary mood swings, while meeting needs for spontaneity and variety.

  1. Core elements of resident’s daily care program:
    • Activities of Daily Living
    • Hydration
    • Dining Times
    • Exercise
    • Social Interactions
    • Large and Small Group Programs
    • Behavioral Interventions
    • Individual and Life Skill Pursuits
    • Sensory Stimulation
    • Leisure Time
  1. Core elements of the resident’s monthly program include:
    • Planned Activities
    • Community Opportunities
    • Family Events
    • Resident Education
    • Spiritual Programs

About The Lodge Memory Care Community

The Lodge Memory Care Community is designed to provide a safe, comfortable, loving and consistent environment that will allow each resident the opportunity to “live life to their fullest potential” with dignity and respect.  Through special training and programming, Lodge nursing staff will help residents retain their own core identities and the uniqueness that has given meaning to their lives. We recognize the importance of family involvement and provide many opportunities to encourage and foster that component as part of each resident’s individualized plan of care. We also recognize the importance of nurturing our staff as they obtain the role of caregiver. On-going training and education programs are offered to gain better understanding and the necessary skills to provide quality care and services to the residents of The Lodge.

All twenty four apartments are located on one level and are designed to meet the needs of adults dealing with the challenges of memory loss. Our unit also provides a specially designed outdoor garden and patio area for the Memory Care residents that is secure and allows for plenty of sunshine and fresh air.

The apartments have been specifically designed with a number of unique physical features in keeping with our goals.  They are as follows:

  • 24 studio units, all private rooms with private bathrooms. Residents bring their own furniture and personal belongings to enhance the familiarity of the unit and create a “homelike” feeling.
  • A customized floor plan that gives consideration to accessibility and orientation.
  • Walk-in, accessible showers in each apartment with a built in shower bench and hand held attachment that provides ability for better bathing experience and or assisted bathing.
  • A beautiful secure and enclosed courtyard with seating areas, a walking path, and small garden plots.
  • Spacious common areas including a large dining room, and lounge, as well as a private dining area that can be utilized by family and/or residents for “special occasions”.
  • Wide, well-lit corridors that allow residents to move about freely throughout the day.
  • A secured door system that restricts movement away from the unit and allows the staff to provide closer supervision of each resident.
  • Centrally located “nursing station” located in The Lodge Memory Care Community.
  • Higher ratios of care staff to residents.
  • An LPN on staff 24/7 to help meet the medication needs of each resident as well as provide that additional clinical expertise to hone in on the resident’s specific care needs through their trained assessment skills.
  • Additional staff training and education.
  • Opportunity for family involvement including support groups, activities, events, education seminars and others.
  • Specialized activities programming specific to helping the resident continue to learn and be successful in daily activities.
  • Restaurant style dining that allow residents the chance to make food choices and the opportunity to participate in meal time conversations and activities. Snacks such as finger foods, fresh fruits and vegetables and other easy to handle foods as well as a choice of refreshing beverages will be offered throughout the day and night to help resident with nutrition and hydration.


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